Shopping in Toronto

Kensington Market in Toronto, ON, provides an alternative to traditional mall and department store shopping. This section of the city has an interesting array of vintage thrift stores, mom and pop shops, gift boutiques, and eccentric local stores. Shoppers can purchase everything from souvenirs, T-shirts, handmade jewelry, and art made by local artists in the Kensington Market region of Toronto. A very casual feel to this area makes the atmosphere laid back and relaxed as people have the option to window shop and browse through the unique stores primarily owned by local residents.

The St. Lawrence Market of Toronto is another fun and unusual place to shop. People who enjoy shopping outside the traditional box of major retail centers will find that St. Lawrence Market in Toronto has many local vendors and street-side tents to browse through. Antique stores, food vendors, clothing retailers, consignment shops, and a traditional farmer's market makes this place an intriguing area to shop at.

People who enjoy bohemian-themed retail stores will get a thrill shopping on the well-known Queen Street area of Toronto. Fashionable stores offer rack after rack of shabby chic clothing, chunky shoes, gourmet candies, wine shops, and retro stores that sell everything from tobacco pipes to bejeweled belts to music and videos. For a fun and casual day shopping on one of Toronto's most popular areas, the Queen Street market center is the perfect place to visit.

The Toronto Eaton Centre is one of the city's most popular shopping destinations. This spacious mall is home to hundreds of brand name stores. Designer stores such as the Gap and Victoria Secrets are available in this mall, as well as numerous other major retail department stores. Furniture, art, fine jewelry, knickknacks, and bedding can all be found in this four-story mall that is designed with beautiful architecture and a Canadian goose theme.

The Bloor-Yorkville section of Toronto will appeal to people who enjoy shopping through elite stores such as Prada, Hermes, and Gucci. Designer clothing, handbags, shoes, and jewelry can be admired and purchased in this high-rise area of the city. Beautiful skyscrapers and small gardens make shopping and wandering through the centers in the Bloor-Yorkville area of the city a visual feast. Shoppers can purchase anything from high-end art to luxury luggage and brand name clothing in this part of Toronto.