Attractions in Toronto

Royal Ontario Museum
Toronto boasts a lot of great museums. The Royal Ontario Museum happens to be one of the city's best. In addition to boasting unique dinosaur exhibits, the museum also features a hands-on biodiversity exhibit! Top amenities include the Eaton Theatre and the Learning Centre. If you visit during lunch hours, consider dining at the museum's very own Food Studio Cafe. History buffs and cultural enthusiasts alike aren't going to want to miss a visit to this popular Toronto attraction.

Allan Gardens Conservatory
The Allan Gardens Conservatory is a quiet oasis in a bustling city. In addition to featuring a playground and a dog park, this one-of-a-kind conservatory also boasts six stunning greenhouses. Towering banana trees and rare orchids are a few of the establishment's most talked-about attractions.

Le Dolci Foodie Studio
Fun classes, likable instructors, and a great location make Le Dolci Foodie Studio a top Toronto, Ontario attraction. Unbeknownst to many people, classes tend to run an approximate two hours in length. Cake pops, Parisian-inspired macaroons, and designer cupcakes are just a small sampling of treats you can learn to create!

Steam Whistle Brewery
If you are looking for a more adult-oriented attraction in Toronto, look no further than the Steam Whistle Brewery. Not only are the tours held at this particular brewery educational, but they're also very entertaining. Contrary to what many people believe, every tour includes free samples of the brewery's finest Pilsner beers. Knowledgeable staff, great tasting beer, and a fun atmosphere make the Steam Whistle Brewery one of Toronto's most popular attractions.

High Park
Of all the parks located in and around Toronto, High Park is perhaps the most well known. In addition to featuring a family-friendly pool, High Park also boasts an established zoo. Peacocks, Highland cattle, and fallow deer are a few animals visitors can expect to see at the zoo. Unlike many parks in Toronto, Ontario, High Park offers a lot of great recreational opportunities. Not only does the park feature multiple tennis courts and hiking trails, but it also boasts an artificial ice rink. Before you leave, don't forget to check out a few of High Park's most notable monuments and sculptures. If possible, try viewing the Hippie sculpture and the John G. and Jemima Howard monument first.